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Domestic Bin Cleaning


Why Have Your Wheelie Bin Cleaned?

You might not be surprised to learn wheelie bins commonly collect dirt and smells, even if refuse bags are used to contain the waste. Inevitably the bags will usually rip or split, emitting unpleasant odours, as well as allowing liquids and food remains to sink to the bottom of the bin. After a short period of time, bins in this condition will attract pests like maggots, flies and animals seeking to set up home or find out any scraps. Alarmingly, dirty bins can also instantly cause nausea for anyone just standing within a few feet, not to mention the long list of health and environmental hazards potentially arising from neglected bins.

How We Will Clean Your Bin?

All our specially trained operatives will arrive at your premises, shortly after your wheelie bin has been emptied. Using our high-pressured lances we will remove any dirt and grime from your wheelie bin both inside and out, using 100% biodegradable products. Our custom made specially designed vehicles will then lift and drain the contents and thoroughly rinse the bin. The water will then be recycled and filtered ensuring none is illegally deposited on the roadside. We then fragrant the wheelie bin and return it to your chosen location. We will then post a card through your letter box letting you know you've BIN cleaned today.

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