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Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service Number One in the UK!

Cleanybins is a West Midlands company based in the Walsall area. We have been providing a professional and reliable wheelie bin cleaning service for the past 27 years and as one of the longest running bin cleaning companies in the industry, our brand and logo has swiftly become a recognised household name. We have found our service to be invaluable to those wishing to display the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

  • We STOP! rodents, flies maggots living in and around your wheelie bin.
  • We KILL Harmful bacteria and other virus's such as e-coli. Removed
  • WE replace the unpleasant smell your wheelie bin can produce with a long lasting fresh and pleasant fragrance.
  • Bin returned to your chosen allocation after empting and cleaning.
  • 100% bio-degradable products that kill 99% of all common microorganisms.
  • The wheelie bin is cleaned dried and deodorised.
  • We carry our own water which is multicycle filtered then legally deposited at the end of each day.

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