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We appreciate that the majority of our customers are either at work or leading busy lives during the day when we call to clean, so to make paying for our service easier, we have listed below several payment options for you to choose from.
Any customer paying for more that 3 cleans in advance will receive entry to our Euro Lotto Syndicate at no extra cost. So you never know if all numbers are matched, you could win a share of a possible multi - million pound jackpot simply for paying in advance for our service.

However, if it is not possible to choose a method of payment below, then please just call us. We will be more than happy to arrange alternative payment methods.


Pay on the day at the time of cleaning (not always an option for everyone) £3.00 per bin wash.

OPTION 2 - BACS Standing Order/Direct Bank Payments ( The Easy Option)

Fancy using the Internet, is the most simple way to pay.

Step1. login to your online bank account and go to the online payment area

Step2. Enter your Cleanybins customer i.d number, you will find it on your cleaning ticket in top right hand corner.Dont worry if you cant find it just call 01922 611441 or 07976 706777 and we will provide it for you.

Step3. Enter our payment details including your payment terms ie Monthly Quartly:

Sort Code: 40-08-14

Account No: 01411063

Step4. We make a credit to your account on receipt of your payment.


If you don't fancy using the Internet, sending a cheque or using your debit or credit card to make payment, another method which has proven to be successful with our customers, is to arrange to leave your payment with a neighbour, friend or relative that are at home when we clean their bin. A card will still be posted through your door so you know when your payee has made a payment on your behalf. Simply inform your cleaner or call our office on 01922 611441 to let us know where your payment will be left and we will pick it up from there.


This is probably one of the easiest payment options. You can set up a regular payment to be debited direct from your debit or credit card automatically on a regular basis. This can be done on a 3 monthly (£9.00*) 3 washes, 6 monthly (£18.00*) 6 washes or a yearly schedule (£33.00*) 12 washes. Simply click on the link below or call our office to make a payment using your card.
Click Here to set up a Automatic Payment Plan


You can send us a cheque through the post or give it to your cleaner when you are cleaned. This can be done by a 3 monthly (£9.00) 3 washes, 6 monthly (£18.00) 6 washes or a yearly payment (£33.00) 12 washes. We will give you a reminder when you payment is due for renewal, so you can rest assured, your account remains in credit. We will send you a receipt via email for your payment upon request.


You can download a standing order form from www.cleanybins.co.uk

Alternatively you can simply call our office on 01922 611441 or ask your cleaner for a standing order form. You can then complete the form. A payment can then be regularly transferred from your bank to ours hassle free.

OPTION 7- PayPal (Secure Internet Payment)

You can send us a payment through the the internet . This can be done by a 3 monthly (£9.00), 6 monthly (£18.00) or a yearly payment (£33.00). We will send you a receipt through the post for your payment upon request PLEASE CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW TO SET UP PAYMENT.

Cleanybins Paypal Payment Option
3  monthly payments £9.56

6  monthly payments £19.63

12 monthly payments £35.04 


A 3.4% plus 20p transaction fee has been added to the charge.This is a charge from Paypal, not Cleanybins i.e. £3.00 = £3.30 / £9.00 = £9.56. Should you require further information. please do not hesitate to contact us on 01922 611441

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